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Complete 2017 web hosting and free hosting reviews by 100% real users!
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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Jämför, läs och recensera webbhotellföretag. www.000webhost.com är en leverantör av gratis webbhotell och detta är en katalog av andra webbhotellföretag som du bör antingen överväga eller undvika. Webbmasters & användaren kan jämföra och skriva recensioner av olika gratis och betald webbhotelltjänster. Vår recensionskatalog är en av de största i Internet, med 100% äkta recensioner.

Recension av siliconhouse.net av Siliconhouseclient på 2017/08/17 vid 02:39
Worst service , they dont have proper support option........very rude fellows.
Recension av glowhost.com av Ken Weatherbee på 2017/08/16 vid 12:59
My company has a hosting account with one host for our business sites and I wanted to move my personal domain away from the control of the company (and previous host's dreadful service). I spent some time researching the move as doing it more than once was not what I wanted. GlowHost came up time and again as being good value and good service.
Recension av glowhost.com av Terue Kaneda på 2017/08/15 vid 12:35
Been searching for a decent hosting company for months, and tried 2 aweful ones luckily without too much cost (not going to name previous hosts), then found GlowHost who are absolutely superb. A couple of teething issues mainly down to me getting used to console and connecting to database, but all questions answered quickly and helpfully.

Customer service is 2nd to none, and price was just amazing.

Would recommend to anyone, and I wouldn't have bothered writing this if I wasn't really impressed.
Recension av siliconhouse.net av Bijay Kuikel på 2017/08/15 vid 10:37
***Worst Hosting provider ***
****DO NOT USE****
I has worst experince with Siliconhouse reseller hosing as well as their support ...

Apart from this server is very slow ...If we are working on website they stop working all of sudden and after sometime they start working again .
Recension av gigapros.com av Katariina Haanpaa på 2017/08/14 vid 09:53
I have bought two domains and two hosting packages so far from Gigapros.com, on both occasions I have been completely satisfied with my purchases and the fast and pleasant support that this host provided me. I can not recommend these guys enough and any future domains/hosting I require I will be purchasing from Gigapros.com.

An absolute pleasure doing business.
Recension av shinjiru.com av Alexander Jordan på 2017/08/14 vid 03:13
I really like the customer support who always there for me, supporting and solving whenever an issue occurred via ticket or live chat. I just couldn't deny their friendly manner and efficiency of answering my queries. Also, I am happy because I can keep my identity anonymous and no longer worry of my country law which restricted my marketing activity through internet. The most important thing, their server functioning well and best price among other host. Luckily, I chose them as my host and it was recommended by a friend. So here, I would like to recommend them to all of you too. Thank you Shinjiru!
Recension av server4you.com av someone on the internet på 2017/08/14 vid 02:34
a lot of green comment are post by server4you rep so dont trust them.
Recension av colocrossing.com av Alex på 2017/08/11 vid 23:25
Our site is receiving endless hits 4-5 seconds apart from IPs tracing to Colo Crossing in apparent attempt to drain our AdWords money. This has been going on for several days now.
Recension av shinjiru.com av Mariah Audrey på 2017/08/11 vid 06:26
I think personally that Shinjiru is the best of the lot. Their VPS, VPN, shared hosting, dedicated servers everything is about to perfection. Especially, I am impressed by their uptime and reliability. Oh, their customer support also always available and helpful 24/7 hours. And above all their price are extremely the best in the market. So, I suggest and recommend pick Shinjiru as your host.
Recension av siliconhouse.net av Dhruval på 2017/08/10 vid 11:06
Don't buy from siliconhouse, good offers but 0% quality daily 5-6 a/c suspended of my clients. no support issues and issues. i hate siliconhouse.
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