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10 Latest Web Hosting Company Reviews 2017

Jämför, läs och recensera webbhotellföretag. www.000webhost.com är en leverantör av gratis webbhotell och detta är en katalog av andra webbhotellföretag som du bör antingen överväga eller undvika. Webbmasters & användaren kan jämföra och skriva recensioner av olika gratis och betald webbhotelltjänster. Vår recensionskatalog är en av de största i Internet, med 100% äkta recensioner.

Recension av hostinger.com av Kevin Mitchell på 2016/11/01 vid 12:37
During the last 5 years I migrated from through several hosting companies and would always experience many problems while transferring my domains. A couple of days ago I decided to move to Hostinger, since I got fed up with my previous host, the quality of service was simply terrible, I considered myself to be lucky if I ever got a response from them. I am very glad with my decision and know that I made the right one. The transfer process was super quick and ‘painless’, which never happened with my previous hosts, so even then I knew that I was finally moving in the right direction. Had some problems with my e-mail accounts, so contacted the support staff and was left even more satisfied, entered the 24/7 live chat several times and each person I talked to seemed to know very well what he is doing and been very keen to help me. Thumbs up and personal thanks to Lincoln, Mercury and Paul.
Recension av 000webhost.com av See J. Gonzales på 2016/10/31 vid 23:15
Simple, fast and very effective. The best part is that they skip the whole advertisement on your page bullshit. Oh, and the better art is that it’s completely free. Still I experienced some downtime, yet turns out that overused the resources. Now I moved to their paid plan, everything works smoothly and even faster! Thumbs up, great service and a great value of money, lots of other hosting providers have a lot to learn from you.
Recension av hostinger.com av Pascal Angélil på 2016/10/31 vid 14:12
Just stopped by to say thanks to the amazing Hostinger support staff. Today they really saved my business from failing. My site was down so I contacted them for some help, explained the situation about how I’m losing business and they got it back online in minutes. The 24/7 live chat feature with qualified specialists ‘on the other side’ is the best option to prevent you from money loss.
Recension av hostinger.com av Arthur Svanlaugsson på 2016/10/27 vid 16:13
Being young and IT curious, several months ago I found out about Hostinger and how many youngsters like myself started with them. So I decided to join them. With Hostinger I learned to use such world-popular platform WordPress and started my first blog. Following the tutorials provided I learned many valuable skills and started to gather followers. My journey with them has been very great and their support staff has been great, quick and direct responses, I feel like a valued customer even though I am still just beginning. Very friendly user interface, really suitable for beginners. Continue the great service.
Recension av hostinger.com av Brandon Martin på 2016/10/26 vid 17:20
Tutorials, tutorials, TUTORIALS! Not only do you provide top quality services but help me learn a lot. I really like the fact about how detailed and easy to follow they are. At first I thought that I would simply have a WordPress blog and now I feel inspired to achieve more and learn. I check for new ones almost every day and am very happy to find new ones. Keep on writing them! And since I’m here: great support staff, especially Lincoln - cool name and cool guy, very helpful.
Recension av hostinger.com av Michael Watkins på 2016/10/25 vid 22:10
I heard and read many stories about people who migrate one hosting provider to another and am always happy that I don’t have to do so. Only upgrade my plans while my website grows. The quality of their service is top class and always seem to match my needs. I’m a very straightforward person and hate being bulls*ited. My review won’t be long either. So here it goes: 24/7 support - professional, quick and direct, speed is uptime and UI is simple to use, suitable even for beginners. Overall: a great value of money and trustworthy company.
Recension av hostinger.com av Anke] Luft på 2016/10/22 vid 21:03
I’m not the one who likes to write reviews but now decided to take the time to do it. During the last half year I noticed how Hostinger service started improving. And not just a little but really A LOT. While others started to downgrade and only invest in their public appearance, Hostinger worked to improve the quality of service (I use several hosting providers services so I would know). And now they have a top quality customer support staff and solved the problems that I had with my website hosted with another company because they weren’t able to do that. So, guess who just moved that site to Hostinger.
Recension av 000webhost.com av Doreen Hoch på 2016/10/22 vid 17:14
I won’t say anything new yet still will share my opinion since I believe that all good practices have to shared as well as the bad ones, somehow people hesitate to share a good word about something they liked but never stop to think twice before saying something bad. So here it goes: 000Webhost is my first web hosting provider and hopefully the last one. I started everything with them and was a complete zero at hosting field, yet managed to learn and grow with them. Now that everything about my blog got more serious I switched to paid plan so that I would have more security and the customer support is also a great bonus.
Recension av hostinger.com av Lexie Martin på 2016/10/20 vid 20:17
Special thanks to the support staff, real professionals. Answers are straightforward and detailed with no useless info like I would get from my previous hosting provider. Some time ago I got sick and tired about the fact that all they did is walk around in circles and never truly responded to my problems. The lack of competence was simply unacceptable. That made me leave them and move to Hostinger. Wish I would have done that sooner. If they’ll continue to keep the standards of such quality soon they’ll become the hosting company where all ‘leader of the field’ clients will migrate.
Recension av hostinger.com av Alasdair White på 2016/10/18 vid 11:15
How to enjoy owning a blog? Use Hostinger. My personal experience says so. It’s cheap so a great value of money and one-click install saves you a lot of time. You can say that most hostings provide that and you will be right but what other hostings lack is customer support. Seems like all they do is invest in promotion and only cares about big companies, due to that they forget about their ‘small’ clients such as myself. Here, at Hostinger, I feel like VIP client and member of a great community. The support staff always respond to all my questions quickly and directly - real professionals. I trust Hostinger.
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